Gift Box: Chocolate Sampler

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The perfect gift idea DOES exist! Our Popstars created a three flavor Chocolate Sampler Box to add something sweet to anyone's day. Flavors include one bag of Dark Chocolate Kettle, Cookies & Cream, & Caramel with Dark Chocolate Drizzle. Order today & have the Chocolate Sampler Box sent directly to your loved one for their birthday, or just for fun! This sampler box also makes a great option for upcoming events. Over a gallon of popcorn cheer (18 cups)! A little chocolate gourmet popcorn never hurt anybody.

This box contains approximately 6 cups of popcorn per flavor in boxes measuring 12x12x3.


Primary Packaging Sizes:

  1. Medium Stand Up Pouches - 6 cups - resealable bags measure 7.25x11x3.5"
  2. Extra Large Bag - 35 cups - twist tie bags measure 8x4x22
  3. Bulk Bag - 120 cups - twist tie bags measure 10x6x30

For sizing purposes, we recommend estimating 3 cups per person, but of course we always eat more than that ourselves.