Popcorn Makes Events Better

Let Popped! Republic catering add a little “Pop” to your next event or meeting. From meetings and fundraisers to children’s birthdays and weddings, our gourmet popcorn will have your guests smiling and sharing from the very first bite.Choose from a range of bag sizes, from individual tasting bags to eight gallon bulk bags, to best fit your event. Interested in custom labels or special bags? Let's talk. 

We have catered events from 10 - 10,000 people. Our goal is to help make your function a bit more memorable.In addition to local delivery options, we offer nationwide shipping so you don’t have to be nearby to have our delicious gourmet popcorn at your event. Call us at 703-299-0040 to place your catering order or send us an email at for more information!Plan ahead! 

We wish we could just snap our fingers or wiggle our noses, but we don't have these magic powers. Only gourmet popcorn magic powers. Events and larger orders may need more time in planning and preparing. All of our gourmet flavors are packaged as ordered to insure the highest level of freshness. Make sure to give us enough time so we can make your next event a "Poppin'" one!

Gourmet Popcorn Snacks & Flavors

Popped! Republic's Tasting Bags are filled with our delicious popcorn and makes the perfect favors or snack bags for your meeting or event guests. You choose the day, you choose the flavors, from our Movie Theater Butter or Classic Caramel to Chocolate Drizzle Kettle Corn. Then you can choose to add a special label for your packaging and we will do the rest. Each Tasting bag holds about 1.5 cups of popcorn. We look forward to working with you! Send us an e-mail at or give us a call us during regular business hours at 703-299-0040 for booking your event or for more information.
Custom Add-Ons
Give that personal touch to your event with custom bag labels. Send us your printed labels and we'll affix them to the bags.  For our corporate clients, let us help you convey your message by spreading the word with our popcorn snacks. We can add a note to any gift packaging to give it a personalized touch. Contact us to work out the best option for your business.

Our Do-It-Yourself Popcorn Bar

Why not let your guests create their very own popcorn mix! Our Do-It-Yourself Popcorn Bar provides a tasty, interactive experience for your next event or big day.

Step One: Choose from Popped! Republic's many gourmet flavors in our Bulk bag sizes. Our Bulk bags hold 120 cups of popcorn and one bag serves approximately 40 people (based on three cups per person). 

Step Two: Choose your bags. We offer clear poly bags or bags with designs. undefined 

Add-ons: Popped! Republic can provide you with our empty popcorn tins to set up your popcorn bar.  Also, we offer popcorn scoops.