Cherry Blossom Popcorn


Now, here is one of our most unique flavors. Sweet, fruity and delightful, with the perfect hint of cherry. We’ve candied our fluffy popcorn kernels to perfection and added just a touch of spring. (however, this flavor is great during all seasons). The subtle cherry flavor melts together with the white chocolate drizzle as it enters your mouth. Aw, and the aroma just keeps you wanting more. New favorite candy? We think so.

Primary Packaging Sizes:

  1. Medium Stand Up Pouches - 6 cups - resealable bags measure 7.25x11x3.5"
  2. Extra Large Bag - 35 cups - twist tie bags measure 8x4x22
  3. Bulk Bag - 120 cups - twist tie bags measure 10x6x30

For sizing purposes, we recommend estimating 3 cups per person, but of course we always eat more than that ourselves.