Frequently Asked Questions

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1. General Questions

1. General Questions

How big are your various bag sizes?
Primary Packaging Sizes:
  1. Medium Stand Up Pouch - 6 cups - bags measure 7x11.5x4
  2. Extra Large Bag - 35 cups - bags measure 8x4x22
  3. Bulk Bag - 120 cups - bags measure 10x6x30
Catering/Other Packaging Sizes:
  1. Small Stand Up Pouch - 3 cups - bags measure 6x9x3
  2. Tasting Bags - 1.5 cups - bags measure 3.5x2x7.5
  3. Mini Bags - 3.5 cups -  bags measure 4x2x10

What's a normal serving size per person?

We recommend 3-4 cups per person.
    Do you have a physical store?
    We operate out of our warehouse in Baltimore City.  Because we seek to offer the freshest popcorn, we don't have much inventory on hand, so we recommend placing all pick up orders at least one day in advance.

    What about weights per package?

    Our package sizes have a wide range of weights based on the various toppings/coatings that each flavor has.  Below are a few examples:
    1. Medium Stand Up Pouches - These are between 2.2 and 9.8 oz per bag.  Our butter flavor is about 2.2 oz, our cheese flavors are about 5 oz, and our caramel is 9.8 oz.
    2. Extra Large Bags - These typically weight between 1.1 lbs and 4.6 lbs.
    3. Bulk Bags - These typically weigh between 2.7 lbs and 10 lbs.