The Christmas Tradition of Stringing Popcorn

The Christmas Tradition of Stringing Popcorn

Dec 12, 2023Mark Midwin

Ever wonder where the tradition of stringing popcorn on Christmas trees originated? The traces of this beloved holiday tradition can be traced back to 1842, with American colonists in Williamsburg, Virginia. In times when driving down to the local Convenience store for tinsel and ornaments wasn’t an option, colonists would create homemade ornaments and garlands. Popcorn was an excellent alternative to a garland, for it could be easily made at home and required ingredients most settlers already owned. These early spreaders of Christmas cheer would pop kernels on their home stovetops, wait for the kernels to harden, and then thread a needle through the center of the kernels, creating the iconic garland we all know and love.

Although this holiday tradition began in 1842, it really began to catch steam in the 20th century, thanks to German American immigrants. Ornaments were formed from popcorn balls, and popcorn garlands were colored with dyes. Combining popcorn with other edible treats such as dried fruit, cranberries, and nuts also became a popular decoration. Popcorn garlands would be intertwined with various colorful snacks, creating a striking decoration for Christmas trees.

How to Make Your Own Popcorn Garland

If our blog has inspired you into making a popcorn garland of your own, check out our other blog, How to String Popcorn for Your Christmas Tree. Soon, you can be creating your own handmade garlands! This fun activity is not only a great craft for friends and family but is easy and will save you money on purchasing Christmas ornaments. Give a nod to the past this holiday season and decorate your tree with America’s favorite past-time snack.

America’s Favorite Gourmet Popcorn wishes you a very merry Christmas season and hopes this blog was able to inspire you into potentially creating your own garland this year. If you’re as much of a popcorn fanatic as we are, check out our page! Our sweet and savory popcorn can be the perfect gift this holiday season. 

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