Flint corn and other types of corn including popcorn

The Different Types of Corn

Nov 03, 2023Thad Paul

This article might be a little corny… but did you know there are four main different types of corn? In the corn family, there is flint corn, dent corn, sweet corn, and the best kind of corn of course known as popcorn! Each type of corn is unique. America’s Favorite Gourmet Popcorn has the facts on these various types of corn:

  1. Flint Corn

This type of corn is usually not eaten but rather used for decorations on the Thanksgiving table. Flint corn is hard on the outside of the shell and comes in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, and orange. You can find flint corn growing in South America as well as Central America.

  1. Dent Corn

The dent corn is somewhat like flint corn as it can become hardened when dried out. Dent corn is widely used around the world to feed animals such as cows. This type of corn can also be spotted in some of the food products you buy at your local grocery store. Dent corn is most commonly grown in the United States of America.


  1. Sweet Corn

Do you like eating corn on the cob? If so, you are most likely eating sweet corn! Sweet corn is the softest of corn as it contains a high amount of sugar. The sweet corn is best to eat when it is at its ripest.

  1. Popcorn

We may be biased, but we saved the best for last: popcorn! Although other types of corn may have somewhat of a reaction when heated, no other corn pops like popcorn. Popcorn also has an extraordinary taste different from other corn. Due to the small drop of water contained in the center of the kernel, once heated, the moisture enables it to pop. In a variety of Native American cultures, people believed the popcorn kernels had spirits inside of them. When they heated the popcorn kernels and the kernels popped, it was thought the spirits were upset and therefore left the kernel.

Which type of corn is your favorite? We know which one ours is and hope you stop by and try some of Popped! Republic's delicious kernels We have over twenty different delicious flavors and counting!

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