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Is Popcorn Keto Friendly?

Oct 17, 2023Thad Paul

The popular ketogenic or keto diet for short is a low carb but high-fat diet that helps dieters lose weight. You can eat popcorn on a keto die. Popcorn can fit into a keto diet because it is a low-calorie and low- carb snack with only 106 calories per cup. However, eating popcorn in large quantities could take up a large portion of the keto daily carbohydrate allotment.

Popcorn is a good keto-friendly food; popcorn makes a great substitute for other carb-heavy snacks that are difficult to give up when starting a new diet. The crunchy texture of popcorn can help satisfy the craving for chips and crackers. Sweeter popcorns can help satisfy that sweet tooth craving without falling off the keto wagon.



As the body adapts to being in a state of ketosis, cravings for your favorite comfort food can be overwhelming. Popcorn is lower in carbs and higher in fiber than most beloved snack foods such as bread, candy, and grains that are high in carbs and have little to no fiber. Popcorn is a great keto-friendly snack because it is low carb and high in fiber. The high fiber content can help keto dieters enjoy a delicious treat but help keep them full longer than crackers, bread, and other less healthy high carbohydrate options. Popcorn also contains potassium, protein, iron, Vitamin B-6, and magnesium.



Portion size is a key factor in most diets but is especially important to a keto diet. Like many other foods, popcorn is keto-friendly snack when consumed in moderation and in proper portion sizes. How much popcorn you can eat on your keto diet depends on your daily carb limit and your goals. As long as you are enjoying popcorn in moderation, popcorn is a wonderful low-carb and nutrient-rich snack that can be enjoyed while on the keto diet. When you are looking for a delicious keto-friendly snack, we suggest our simple but delicious America’s Favorite butter popcorn or our Smithsonian Salt & Pepper popcorn!

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