Making the Perfect Stovetop Popcorn

How to Make Stovetop Popcorn

Jan 16, 2024Thad Paul

When you think of making popcorn, you probably think of the big red machines at the movie theatre, or your microwave oven back home. However, stove-top popcorn is making a big comeback – and for good reason. Whether you can’t afford to go out to the movies, have a broken microwave, or simply prefer making it yourself, stove-top popcorn allows you to make your favorite snack, your way.


The first ingredient you’re going to need is oil. There are a lot of different ways you can switch this up – canola, avocado, walnut, coconut, safflower, and extra-virgin olive oil all work great, and each provide their own distinct flavors. Canola oil is one of the cheapest options and is health conscious because it provides necessary fatty acids. Olive oil on the other hand, while it may be more expensive, provides a sweet and savory taste. For even healthier popcorn alternatives, walnut, avocado, and coconut oils help create a low-calorie, yet satisfying snack.

To prepare this treat, you’ll need a good-sized pot with a lid. Since you’re making it yourself, the sky is the limit. With practice, you can make multiple batches or vary the sizes of your pots. Although the lid is a must – adjust it so it sits a little bit askew, allowing the kernels on the inside to breathe. Letting in a small pocket of air makes sure that the popcorn doesn’t become soggy.

Since oil does burn easily, it’s important to set your stovetop to medium-low heat and remain in the kitchen while you wait for the kernels to pop. Start slow – pour ¼ cup of oil into a pot, and slowly add a few kernels in. This is a temperature test. Once they’ve popped to your satisfaction, scoop the test kernels out and add another ½ cup of kernels.

Don’t begin to feel overwhelmed if the popcorn begins to rise out of the pot. Instead, gently pour the excess popcorn out into a nearby bowl and set the rest of the un-popped kernels back on the stovetop until they too, are ready. Stove-top popcorn effectively cooks almost every single kernel, which will leave you with more than you would get with a typical microwavable bag.

When that too has fully popped, congratulations, you’ve made it! Sit back, feel free to add a little bit of sugar, salt, or butter if needed, and go finish your favorite TV show or movie! Better yet, if you’re really wanting to set your popcorn apart with a homemade popcorn seasoning, check out one of our other blogs and enjoy a bowl of entirely homemade popcorn.

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