Dog wondering if he can eat popcorn in cup

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Sep 05, 2023Thad Paul

Popcorn is a delicious treat for humans, but can our dogs eat popcorn? America’s Favorite Gourmet Popcorn has done some digging to find out if our friendly four-legged friends can share our favorite snack with us!

Plain popcorn surprisingly contains multiple health benefits for humans as well as dogs including fiber, whole grains, vitamins, and minerals including zinc, calcium, and vitamins B6, A, E, and K. Popcorn with added treats such as our ever-popular K Street Kettle Popcorn with a mouth-watering blend of sweet and salty flavors or our Dark Chocolate Drizzled Capitol Carmel Popcorn drizzled to perfection with chocolate is incredible for humans, but a bad story for the pups. While these might be fantastic popcorn treats for us, popcorn with added butter and sugars are not good for dogs to consume.



Although air-popped plain popcorn is ok for dogs to consume, the popcorn kernels can do damage to your dog’s teeth. If you do give your dog plain popcorn for a treat, make sure to give them completely popped pieces to keep their teeth safe from cavities (you read it right, who would have thought dogs can get cavities like humans!) Giving your dog completely popped popcorn can also prevent choking hazards especially for younger puppies.



To answer your question…Yes! Dogs can eat popcorn and popcorn is good for dogs if the popcorn is specifically air-popped popcorn with nothing added to it. Like any treat, make sure to only give your dog popcorn in small quantities. Moderation is key. Don’t turn to popcorn for your dog’s dinner if you’re out of dog food!

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