Caramel apple, cheesy popcorn, and chocolate-covered popcorn exemplify nontraditional popcorn toppings

10 Best Nontraditional Toppings to Put on Your Popcorn

Aug 15, 2023Thad Paul

We love popcorn, it is that simple! Whether in a movie theater, a wedding reception or even at home snuggled up on the couch, binge watching the newest obsession, popcorn is America’s favorite snack to enjoy. There is nothing better than popping a bag in the microwave and two minutes later you get crunchy but soft, warm, and buttery popcorn. If you find your self wondering like many others, what other toppings can I put on my popcorn, instead of butter and salt, we have complied a list (in no particular order, we will leave the decision making to you) of the best toppings for your popcorn for you to try. You may find a new favorite!


Cookies and Cream flavored Popcorn

Cookies 'n Cream Popcorn

Delicious cookies and sweet cream is an iconic flavor. You can make Cookies 'n Cream popcorn be the headliner of any party. You can't go wrong with a snack that is sweet, creamy, and chocolatey. Simply crush up Oreo cookies (Double Stuffed is the only way to go), add the bits and melted white chocolate to the popcorn, stir for a delectable, chocolatey bite.



Toasted Coconut & Dark Chocolate Syrup Popcorn

For a Girl Scout Samoa flavored cookie which will make your taste buds sing for joy. Toast yourself some coconut shreds (or make it even simpler and buy yourself some toasted coconut shreds.) Make sure you have a bottle of dark chocolate syrup on hand. Combine the popcorn, coconut shreds and chocolate syrup and Viola! P.S It may be better to use non- buttered popcorn with this option.


Caramel Apple Popcorn

We love caramel, pretty much on anything you can add it to, and popcorn is no exception. Caramel is in the top five popcorn flavors. The apple gives a variety of texture and the tartness of the apple brings out the super sweet caramel. Dice your apples into ¼ - ½ inch cubes, once completed, combine the apples and caramel into a bowl. Now it is time to add your popcorn mix and enjoy.

Maple Bacon Popcorn

Who does not love the smell of maple bacon cooking in the morning? Maple Bacon donuts has become another popular combination. The ooey-gooey maple coating the salty but savory bacon match with the buttery popcorn is untouchable. Bacon Bits could work, but fresh bacon will give you a much tastier flavor profile. For an extra touch drizzle an extra coating of maple syrup on to your popcorn mixture and you may never eat regular breakfast again.

Goat Cheese and Garlic Popcorn

This may seem like a stretch but give it a chance and we bet this may become a staple in your household. It is easy to make, as long as you have the ingredients. Toss some crumbled-up bits of goat cheese in with your warm popcorn then top it with garlic powder (a little goes a long way, so be gentle.) You may even put the popcorn back in the microwave for an additional 15 seconds once you have added the goat cheese, to allow it to melt a bit more.


Dark Chocolate Cherry Popcorn

This one is a homage to one of Dairy Queen’s blizzards. The dark chocolate and fruity, sweet cherry combine to give a deep, rich flavor. While you can use any type of cherry, we suggest maraschino cherries. They come in sugary juice much like cherry syrup. Also, they are usually cheaper than buying pitted/stemmed cherries. Drizzle the cherry syrup and melted dark chocolate on the popcorn and then add a few cherries for an extra burst of cherry flavor.

Everything Bagel Popcorn

Here is another breakfast classic that may have you thinking about giving up the real thing. The combination of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, and onion creates a savory popcorn topping that provides added texture as well. Regardless of the type of popcorn you use, you'll need to add melted butter on top to help the dry seasoning stick to the popcorn and not fall to the bottom of your bowl. (Everything Bagel seasoning can be found online or in stores like Trader Joe's and Walmart or you can make your own.)  


Buffalo Ranch Popcorn

This list would not be complete without adding a topping that has some kick. A seasoning like cayenne adds a bit of heat that is the perfect complement to the cool, ranch flavor. The cool thing about this one, you can customize the level of spice. In a small dish, combine ranch and a spice such as cayenne pepper, hot sauce, or chili powder. Finally, mix into your popcorn.

S'mores Popcorn

S'mores are a ubiquitous summertime dessert, so why not incorporate its flavors into your crunchy, buttery popcorn? You can toast the creamy marshmallows over a fire, over a gas stove top, or even stick them in the microwave (not for too long, 10 seconds should be enough). If you are a marshmallow addict, you can even add marshmallow fluff to coat the popcorn. Next, break a chocolate bar into pieces or melt the bar into your popcorn directly. Finally, crumble a graham cracker on top of the popcorn mixture and dive in your newly created snack.

Now that we have given you our best popcorn topping recommendations, it is your turn to try them. If you have any favorites from our list or have your own nontraditional toppings please let us know!